CNN Money reports that doomsday prepper Patrick Geryl is convinced that the world will end in 2012. To live through the coming collapse, he has spent upwards of $150,000 building a bunker in rural South Africa. The only problem is that Geryl lives in Belgium, roughly 17,000 kilometers, or 10,500 miles, away from his shelter.

To put that distance in perspective, it’s the equivalent of driving from east-to-west across the entire United States, and then back again, and then back again… and then back again! That’s one hell of a road trip.

How does he plan to get to South Africa? Geryl says he is considering sailing there in an “unsinkable yacht”, but at a cost of more than $100,000 he doesn’t think he can afford to purchase one.

Though Patrick Geryl is the author of nine books on disaster survival, he still doesn’t have the good sense to put his doomsday shelter on the continent where he lives. His survival plan is so absurd that it’s almost laughable.

This is just another example of the folly and fantasy that too many so-called preppers mistake for actual planning. We wish Geryl and his family all the luck in the world, but the sad fact is they likely don’t stand a chance of surviving when the end actually comes. One thing is certain; they’re never going to get to South Africa.

What do you think the safest place will be in the coming zombie plague?




  1. I live in SA. He can tell me where his bunker is if he cannot reach it 🙂

    SA may not be a good place to bug out. The zombie apocalypse has already started here. 1 quarter of our pupulation has fled to other countries to avoid the zombies

  2. My eye is on a small Army depot… Highly defensible plus loaded with lots of weapons, ammo, rations, etc.

  3. Do we have it on good authority that he doesn’t have a semi-decent bug-in place nearer to his home? Thought you weren’t supposed to give those out…? Anyway, if he doesn’t… I imagine he’ll still get by.

  4. I know there are many naysayers about this, but right down my street, about 2-3 miles, is a Home Depot, with a Sports Authority next to it, and a Costco about 300 yards away. Yes people say that I shouldn’t go to big stores like Home Depot or Costco, but I’m ready for it.

    • All the perishable foods in the Costco would make the entire building almost entirely uninhabitable in under a week. Without proper cooling those delicious steaks and chickens and fish and pork chops would be rotting pools of bacteria and puddles of un-delicious ooze.

      That is if you survived long enough to get into the store. I mean lets face it, it would be every man for themselves. First thing most people would do is run to the supermarkets and home depots of the world and loot all the supplies they can find. The population density of areas with direct resources would be some of the most dangerous places to be.

      If 1 infected person showed up in the chaos they could probably infect many others in a very short period of time. I mean I’ve stood for door crasher deals on Boxing day and the stampede of people rushing the doors has been known to trample people. That’s just for $300 off a TV! Imagine several thousand people trying to get out of a building through a couple of sets of doors fleeing for their lives as a zombie hoards feasts on the orange smocks at your local Home Depot.

      • But once the infection is there people will be to busy fighting to loot, then you can come when they are all dead and most of the zombies have wondered away and raid the place! That’s my plan anyway I’ll probably set up a tent on the roof of my church. I can barricade the windows and walls are brick; plus food net is always storing loads of canned goods there. After a week or so I can try to raid a store and gather more supplies and see if I can find fellow survivors. I live in Nebraska and the people are OK and lots of have guns, plus the low population makes it already a good place to stay.

  5. Probably where I live, up in Northwest Alberta. Very low population density, lots of guns, tons of places to camp with fresh drinking water and lots of wild game to hunt for food. As an added bonus, it’s winter here for like 6 months out of the year, although that may not kill zombies, that’ll definitely slow them down. There’s lots of untouched wilderness and forest where you can obtain all the heating fuel you will ever need for winter no matter where your camp site may be.

  6. Antarctica no permanent population and lots of penguins to eat

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