In the 2009 Norwegian zombie romp Dead Snow, a group of university students heads off to an isolated mountain cabin for spring break. After a local kook stops by to warn them of potential doom, the gang is attacked by frozen Nazi zombies who stop at nothing to rip them limb from limb.

Despite the fact that they’re separated from civilization and can’t call for help or easily escape, and despite the fact that they seem unable to defend themselves against their undead attackers, the students have one key survival advantage that you probably won’t when facing down your own zombie menace: they are all good friends.

Zombies wait for no one, and they’re certainly not going to stand back while you gather your ideal survival team. When it’s time to fight for your life, the person by your side is just as likely to be someone you’ve never seen before as it is an old friend, a coworker, or even a casual acquaintance.

On paper your team might look like the perfect combination of skill, brains and brawn, but what if you’re across town when the zombie plague hits? What if you’re in a different city altogether? Where are your team members right now?

When it comes to zombie survival, improvisation will be the rule of the day. Counting on a rigid plan that requires an specific set of contributors is a recipe for disaster.


  1. I always know where my full ZA survival team is, I am it. If you yourself are not capable of surviving alone and you are over the age of 16, you are not deserving of life as you can in no way contribute to the survival of the species.

    Su lidos verith.

  2. I agree with this article. People who think they are going to have any kind of pre warning are going to have a very boring ZA, simply because the army WILL handle it and shut it down. The only way the military and government would not be able to handle the ZA is if it spreads quickly to the point where the country have infection in most populated areas within a few days of the initial outbreak. Modern quarantine procedures while supported by modern military with the knowledge or “shoot the head” would be more than enough to contain outbreaks and would only fail if the military was stretched too thin. In a case where the military is stretched too thin traffic would become impossible do to EVERYONE trying to go somewhere and even in the cases of the military having everything under control there would likely be suspended travel anyway.

    In conclusion, in most cases where your “ideal group” is separated from each other by more than lets say 15 miles, your chances of actually meeting up with them are slim. And if you do find it easy to meet up with your group then you either, A: live within a few blocks of each other, B: You got a really good jump on the true ZA and got moving quickly, or C: you are getting stared at while you walk back into town 1 month later since the outbreak never managed to bust of of Manhattan..

  3. That’s why you have a set plan. Even if you are all from different parts of the state, you have a set plan. If they can’t figure it out then you make one for them. Simple and easy.

  4. Although I often agree with the ZRS when they debunk popular thoughts on the upcoming invasion, I strongly disagree with this. I have a few reasons.
    A) Just like any viral disease (which I believe is the most likely possibility), this will not happen in a matter of 5 minutes, 5 hours, or even 5 days. We will have time to react, gather resources, and get together with our loved ones.
    B) I’m part of a group like you mentioned in the article, and we all know the plan. We know where to go where it begins. We are not planning on calling eachother on our cell phones when it begins, we have a pre-determined meeting place. Unless one of us becomes a walker, as our friends in the Walking Dead would say, we will be together.

    • You very well could be right. This is more of a cautionary post about the probability that many won’t be reconnected with their loved ones and/or team. But for those who are well prepared it may be a non-issue.

      Good comment!

    • It is good to have a rigid plan when the dead rise, and it is even better to have that plan involve people you know and trust. However, having just that plan to base your entire survival on is foolish. Jake Reed, I would hope that you have multiple back-up plans just in case it happens when one of your friends is on vacation for example. Plan ahead and all will be well-hopefully.

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