The Associated Press reports that scientists have found evidence of a never-before-seen flu in bats, and the risk to mankind could be grave.

The influenza virus is common in humans, birds, pigs and a handful of other species, but this surprising discovery in bats has scientists baffled. Most were convinced we had already identified all species that could possibly serve as host to the flu.

The bats in questions don’t normally bite people. However, researchers say they could still transmit the virus by touching fruit and other produce that then gets picked for human consumption.

This strain of flu is so mysterious that scientists have not been able to recreate it in the lab, a key step towards developing an effective vaccine. The real danger lies in the potential of the bat flu to genetically fuse with the more common bird or swine strains to become a deadly new virus altogether.

Though influenza in bats doesn’t serve as direct evidence of the coming zombie pandemic, it’s just another disturbing example of disease mutation, animal-to-human viral threats, and how little we really know about the world around us.

What animal do you think might ultimately bring the zombie plague to mankind’s front door?


  1. I agree with the top comment here. Domesticated house cats could pose a serious threat. Most cats nowadays, especially in non rural areas, are inside/outside cats. I know my felines have brought rodents in on many occasions. They are impossible to supervise outside and bring “whatever” in with them. Anyone who takes their felines to a vet will be told “we never really see those things in cats, so don’t worry about it.” Cats are tested for very few pathogens. Think of it, cat goes outside, eats bat or even just plays with a sick one, comes inside, aw how cute…fluffy is licking me…..yeah gross and scary. People see their pets as cute and therefore not a threat….. think of distemper in dogs, anything can kill you….

  2. The most likely and least suspected is the domesticated Feline,A.K.A House cat.

  3. It may not even come from a natural source, but an artificial one. We’ve already weaponized the bird flu, and other viruses, not so difficult to imagine a manufactured zombie virus being unleashed either accidentally or purposefully.

  4. I actually think that it will come from another disease’s cure. We are trying so hard to find cures for other diseases we are going to wind up leasing up and creating the ultimate zombie virus.

  5. Don’t believe an animal would just feel as if human will be the cause.

  6. The knee jerk answer would be chimps or other primates but a good number of diseases come from pigs and birds. With the conditions in factory farms, we might wind up eaten because of ham and eggs.

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