Death by starvation is no picnic. Without a regular supply of food, your body literally starts to eat its muscles from the inside out. In fact, the most common trigger of death in a starving person is heart failure, because your heart–a muscle–becomes too eaten away and weak to continue beating.

But even in an extreme zombie survival situation, food isn’t just about nutrition.

Ideally, what you eat should taste good and help to improve morale by combating the urge to fall into a death-spiral of despair. The best-fed person in the world still isn’t immune to making a fatal mistake because the mind’s not right. So of all the choices for zombie survival food out there, which are the best tasting?

Daniel Violette is President of  Zombie Research Society’s Riverside, California Chapter. Over the years he’s conducted an informal taste test of portable food options, and to him there is one standout:

Moutain House has some great stuff. The lasagna meal tastes better than hamburger helper, and I was raised on that. For my survival kit it’s the clear choice. “

Based in Oregon, Mountain House produces freeze dried foods for long term storage, emergency preparedness and recreational activities like camping, hiking, backpacking, and hunting any undead ghouls wandering the countryside.

What are some other good choices for nutritious, portable, and great tasting zombie survival food?



  1. You can always mix these foods with fresh food you grow, raise or hunt. I would never rely completely on stores of pack edged and canned food you need to be able to make more.

  2. I found a huge deal at Costco. 36 buckets of dried meals by chefs banquet. Each bucket is about 2,100 calories per day and can feed a adult male for one month. It’s not too expensive at 3,000 USD for 3 years of food. I also found a similar option, it’s 36 buckets of dry food. (rice, beans, whole wheat, and beef and chicken tvp.). That’s 2,000 USD and is nearly 16,000 servings. The whole wheats can be ground (I don’t own one but the country living grain mill gets rave reviews wherever I find them) with the aforementioned mill. A solar oven can make you some bread. I think the combination of both those products can keep you alive for a long time. HOWEVER a couple reviews of the chefs banquet said they would have enjoyed some fruit saying it would have gone well with the oatmeal. Don’t keep canned foods out of the equation, like mentioned above dry food can become boring over time. And the tvp isn’t real meat. Textured vegetable protein while suitable, a nice rabbit or a deer would raise the morale of the group and give you some nice real protein. Hope this helped and gives you
    Some in sight on your preparedness kits. Happy surviving.

  3. Twinkies? “Contrary to popular belief…”

  4. P.S. You can get Mountain House in the camping section of Wal-Mart.

  5. I have eaten Mountain House for years. It is some of the best freeze dried on the market today. My son likes the Mac and Cheese better than Kraft and the variety is wide enough to accommodate virtually any pallet. They even have vegetarian options (word to Kate Moss). There is another option, however; Wise food choice is just as good from the selections I have tried, and they can help in placing large quantity orders if you are ordering all your food supplies at once. There is however, an ever-growing wait time for newly placed (large) orders. Just FYI. Be aware, for these food supplies to be of any use, you need a reliable source of water (they ARE freeze DRIED), but if you don’t already have water, you need to spend your time accessing H2O rather than worrying about food right this second. Lol. Wise and Mountain House is what I store.

  6. I lived on dehydrated food in the late 90s to early 2000s and it was alright then. I got bak into camping last summer and let me tell you it’s gotten better then I could have imagined!! You still need real food, It’s demoralizing to always have dehydrated food. A can of spam is all the difference, during a 2 month long hike where all we had was dehydrated the can of spam I packed in for giggles was perhaps the most amazing thing on earth! So real, non dehydrated food is as important as anything.

  7. I’d personally say spam, ramen noodle, nuts, trail mix, any canned foods, twinklies (lol)

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