Cancer can be devastating to those few who contract it, but at least it’s not contagious right? Maybe not.

HealthMap reports that researchers in Australia have made great strides in understanding a fatal tumorous cancer that threatens to decimate the already endangered Tasmanian Devil population.

Although most cancers are restricted to a single host, the devil cancer has thrived by adapting to transmit itself between hosts. But most concerning is the fact that this aggressive disease spreads through bite.

Stories like this make us wonder what other deadly infections are mutating in strange and disturbing ways. Seems like just another indication that all signs point to the coming zombie plague.

What other diseases do you think might evolve to create zombies?


  1. i saw a site that talked about nanobots, almost microcscopic robots built to go inside a human and repair damaged cells…including brain cells. now the zombie theory tied in with this is comes in because these tiny little robots have a very rudimentary type of a.i. (basically like a virus that knows only its task and how to accomplish this, not sure if that would really be termed as a.i.) makes it possible that they wouldnt stop repairing a human once they kicked the bucket. this being a stretch i know, especially because im sure scientists would build in a safe guard to make sure that didnt happen, its still possible. now what if these tiny little robots were compelled to start acting like a virus and took action to build and spread themselves in order to “fix” humans, this being their goal.

    i know this is a rough theory with some holes in it, but the article was more compelling than my post is. i dont really have the technological knowledge to flesh this theory out, but maybe one of you guys out there do!

  2. I’ll tell you the one disease that won’t cause zombies–rabies!

    I’ve heard ninnies claim that ancient accounts of rabies were the basis of folklore about werewolves and vampires. Nonsense. The ancient Egyptians and other early people recognized rabies–they didn’t know about viruses but they knew the disease when they saw it.

    Some folk claim rabies will cause zombies but the virus doesn’t work that way. I’m open to just about anything else but don’t talk to me about rabies.

    • how I see it is that the virus will eather be something new entirely, a combination of virus and bacteria, or a parasite.

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