Keeping your clothes clean and dry in a zombie pandemic could be the difference between life and death. Dirt reduces the fabric’s natural insulation qualities, and wearing wet clothing at night or in winter will turn you into a human Popsicle in no time flat.

Cotton will suck your body heat if it gets wet, even from your own perspiration, and is commonly known as the “death fabric” in survivalist circles. But cotton is also the most common natural fabric, so undoubtedly many of us will be wearing it when the dead rise.

That’s why we love this superhydrophobic spray that can keep any surface completely dry. It’s set to hit the market in a few months, and is poised to become the new must-have for any serious zombie survivalist. Thanks to @Arsenul for giving us the heads up.


  1. I’ve been a mountain biker for over a decade. I currently race downhill and in the winter ride cross-country to stay fit. I can tell you from experience that in cold weather, cotton IS a death fabric. When I first started riding in cold weather all I had were cotton t-shirts and hoodies.. I was fine on the climbs, my body was exerting itself and I warmed right up. But my shirt was soaking up all my sweat, and after the climb I started to get cold. On the descent I was so cold I could barely ride my bike. Proper dress is essential, the importance cannot be overstated. During the zombie apocalypse, at some point, you will be exerting yourself. As a base layer you want something that will wick the moisture away from your skin, like a polyester mesh, or merino wool shirt. Merino is an amazing natural fabric from New-Zealand. It keeps me dry, and comfortable, and no matter how long I wait between washes I can’t stink it up. If it’s cold out, a fleece is breathable, and provides great insulation. On the outside, use something that will break the wind and repel rain. When the zombies come, your clothing choices will be very different from that of a mountain biker’s on the outside, but against your skin, wear something that will breathe and stay dry, NOT a cotton shirt. Pack lots of socks, and change them often.

  2. Is this the same product that for $75 they can ‘treat’ your electronics with, like an IPod, that can make it waterproof yet still have the charger or earphones work.

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