ZILF by Scott Parks

ZILF - Zombie I'd Like To...Zombie Research Society Member, Scott Parks, displays questionable taste in women with his latest stab at writing a zombie haiku:


Pretty zombie girl

Winks at me with her good eye

Maybe just one kiss…

*This is a repost by request.



  1. Reminds me of a really bad zombie movie I saw once…Think it was called Zombiez or something…

    Anyways, this guy had a naked girl zombie chained up in his garage and he’d go out and have sex with her from time to time until someone let her loose and she killed him.

    In that same movie, some army guys found zombie poop on the ground…

  2. Hey zombies r ppl to

  3. gives a whole knew meaning to getting eaten out…

  4. Maybe she’s just a rotten kinda cute~

  5. So not questionable… Girls who are hot and get bitten = zombie who are hot. it’s only natural… However, be sure to use protection. I don’t know if studies have been done but I’m sure the zombie virus COULD be sexually transmitted…

  6. a haiku is a poem about nature.

    • Good point, t-rain-

      A haiku is a Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons. But more modern interpretations of haiku – especially western adaptations of the form – cover a wide range of topics, from death, to trains, to technology, to zombies. Pretty much anything is fair game these days.

    • ya no its not.

  7. I do not feel Mr. Parks’ taste to be questionable at all.

    Zombies need love too. I would suggest that he might want to use precaution though, Zombies can get a bit passionate, and the numbness that often occurs as part of their post vital existence can sometimes be problematic when they attempt to give hickeys.

  8. Oh MY GOSH. hahah! 😀 I just wrote a Zombie sonnet at work today and it involved a one-eyed zombie chick! Ahhhh!!!!! 😀 😀 This is amazinggggg 😀

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